Spice heaven!

When making my enchilada sauce to can (see canning in weekly adventures), I didn’t think it would matter if I make a large six-times batch. Whoops! :D It took me two weeks to completely air my home out from the aroma of spices. It embedded everything! I learned a great value of doing six small, […]

Weekend of berries!

What a fun weekend this has been! I’ve been baking up a storm and having so much fun. Of course, my kitchen is a tell-tale sign of how much fun I have – speaking of storms. :D I have made my almond cake with fresh raspberries and cream cheese frosting. To me, it’s “the” birthday […]

Can you can?

I recently purchased a 23-quart pressure canner. What a great investment! My adventures have included learning to can taco meat, enchilada sauce, and chicken stock. The value of having these things on the shelf has been the greatest gift ever!