A Hand in Knead

Okay, so I’ve been slightly “absent” for a while…but, all with good reason! I have been offered an amazing opportunity to work at a local cooking store, which I absolutely love! Yet, something’s gotta give, right? In this case, it has been KitchenNut for the past six weeks or so. However, along with this has come new opportunity to learn many things about the working and busy people! So, I will get to bring many more ideas for everyone, no matter your schedule!

As part of my quest to find ways to redeem myself (and relieve myself of my ensuing guilt), I have discovered that with the growing technology and all that is available, we can still make homemade meals, even if we are not able to have our hands on them continuously! Enter Zojirushi BBCCX20 Home Bakery Supreme Bread Machine. Sounds kind of scary, huh?–in fact, most call it “Zo” for short. But, it is amazing! You are able to use your own, favorite recipe, and set all sorts of settings to get that same light-colored, soft crust or dark, firm crust that you love! When bread machines first came out (years ago!), I was appalled. But, as technology has come a long ways, so has their impeccable ability to mimic our hand in kneading bread!

So, if you have been carrying any guilt with you about making your kids pb & j sandwhiches on Wonder bread (trying desperately to not read the ingredient list), consider putting this on your wish list! Oh, did I mention it can make homemade jam, pasta and cookie dough? Life is good.

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