Autumn Foods

Autumn Foods
I love Fall. Not because of the steady rainfall, falling leaves (hence why we call it “Fall”), kids back in school, etc. For me, it’s all the the geeky KitchenNut reasons. :) I get to freeze all the herbs I grew during the Summer; it’s the time I usually can (er, “put away”) a lot of chicken stock and marinara so I can have more on hand during the Winter, for nice cozy dinners; eat more pasta and pretend that I need the layer of fat to get me through another Winter, etc.. :D But, if I had to pick one food that makes me the happiest about Autumn, it is pumpkins! I love, love, love pumpkin! Shamefully, you’ll find me eating a pumpkin muffin happily in June, as well, but at least I fit in with the rest of the everyday nuts by indulging in them even more in the Fall. Along with pumpkins is my love for cranberries! Suddenly, they appear out of nowhere and they are everywhere to be found. Of course, I buy them in droves and cram my freezer full of them, so I can have a cranberry crisp with my pumpkin muffin while sweating over the heat of the oven in June. :D

But, there is another way!! I just got home from Super Target…while perusing the new Super Target just built around the corner, I stumbled upon a jackpot of Autumn food finds! I nearly yipee-ed (in fact, I may have done so…) from my excitement. There in its full glory, I found Pumpkin Pie Yogurt, Cranberry Orange Yogurt and White Chocolate Yogurt. Halleliuah—pure bliss in an all-natural, calcium-loaded snack! But, for me, it got so much better when I found these new yogurts next to Pumpkin Spice Cream cheese, Cranberry Orange Cream Cheese, and Cinnamon-Honey Cream Cheese. I loaded up my small [and now nearly-unbearably-heavy] hand-basket with my new finds and plodded my way to check-out.

Upon arriving home, I immediately mixed up a batch of whole-wheat 7-grain cereal bread dough and set it for a slow rise, so I can wake up to yummy bread in the morning. I can’t hardly wait for a breakfast of my favorites crammed into yogurt and cream cheese. I love that they are all-natural! Thanks, Archer Farms!

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