OCD, meet the metric system. You will be the best of friends!

If there is one thing I’m known for, it’s getting my way. No, not by screaming and throwing tantrums, just by using my intuition and generally OCD to my advantage, instead of giving up and settling. I loathe settling. My husband always says to me, “where there’s a will, there’s a KitchenNut.”

So, as usual, I am continuing to find more and more obsessive ways to bake. In fact, I refuse to buy any cookbook (or bakebook) that does not have the weights in the recipe listing. Well, if they don’t, I read the introduction to see if the author was at least kind enough to include thei way they weigh things, so I can match their results. When the author doesn’t do this, I hope they have a TV show or some sort of video of them making the recipe, then I obsessively watch those until I have memorized their style, and feel confident as to how they measure things, so I can duplicate their recipes (ahem, anyone still wondering why I’m called KitchenNut)? Well, I’ve recently run into an interesting situation. I now have an obsession with all recipes from “Down Under” and the U.K. I love their foods, styles, etc. But, all those reasons pale in the reason that they only include weights!!! Hooray!! But, trying to find these books has been rather difficult, without paying so much for international subscriptions (uh, which of course, I have a few of those). So, yet again, hooray for! Er, in this case,! It finally occured to me (why do I always try the hard way first??) to order many of my praised baking books from as the metric version, so that I can have my cake and eat it, as well? Ahhh, sometimes OCD is just good for ya. Especially when you can turn it into the perfect, OCD dessert. :D

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