Have you tried…white pepper?

images.jpegIf you have children, nieces or nephews, you might sometimes find yourself being asked the question, “ewwww! what are those black spots?” Hopefully you’re more patient than I and can abstain from launching into a half-hour lecture of why pepper is essential for flavor and heat (OCD definitely has its moments) and turn it into some cool idea that will make the child want to eat it! Otherwise, enter white pepper. Personally, I can tell a slight flavor difference, but I think I am one of the odd [wo]men out, as most others can’t tell at all. It is simply the black peppercorn, of which the outer [black] shell has been removed, prior to grinding. The advantages are that you still get the heat and flavor, while not having the flecks. It works great in any dish that is lighter in colored, such as macaroni and cheese (homemade, of course!), au gratin potatoes, mashed taters, etc.

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