I am not a tree hugger…

well, not yet, anyway. :) I realize that I have been MIA for a little too long. Life seems to have passed me by, and I’m not sure where it went! I’ve been quite busy baking and cooking in my usual OCD manner, but along with it, I’ve been trying desperately to take KitchenNut to the next level. Of course, when you have OCD, taking anything to the next level seems to take an eternity–seeing as how perfectionism goes along with all of it. And really, since when is an OCD person actually satisfied with perfection?  As far as my next level, I’ll give you a hint: in three days, I made 31 cakes. My pants are tight.

Referring to the title (I am not a tree hugger), that’s really just a title for my hubby, seeing as he teases me mercilessly that we will be living in a tree with the lifestyle to which I’m moving.Despite my busyness and general absence from everything (but food), I have becoming infatuated with more and more ways to “go green.” I’ve been buying food with less packaging (or none at all—fresh fruits and veggies), using my Baggus at any store, as well as digging in the trash for anything recyclable that may have accidently been put in the trash. I even discovered the Living Green Expo to which I’d love to go! If you’re looking for ways to cut back on your packaging from the grocery store, I suggest you read the book, In Defense of Food, which will put the fear in you from ever eating processed food again. However, if you’d like to keep eating your processed foods, but simply avoid the plastic, check out the wonderful post at Bakin-n-Bacon. For other things which I am not, see I am not a foodie… Happy Cooking!

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