Eating local…for the satisfaction of it.

There are many arguments as to why (or why not) to eat local, but I propose to do so for this: straight-up and selfish satisfaction. Yesterday, though only 47º outside, I headed to the local farmer’s market to see many vendors who are proud, passionate, and dedicated to their foods. As they should be—they’re beautiful!

I purchased three things: one dozen eggs, one jar of homegrown and home-canned organic strawberry jam, and another of raspberry. Oh, wait. Four things: and a homemade raspberry-rhubarb pie that was heated in a toaster oven while waiting. Wow.

As I escaped the cold to head back to my car, I was filled with such a joy to have exchanged money with the farmer who gathered the eggs just a few days (if not the same day) earlier. Chatting with the berry grower and canner, and hearing the pride in in his voice as he shared about his process. More than anything…I know where my eggs came from. I know where my jam was grown and processed. And, I know that my money went to a good family.

Breakfast was lovely today.

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