Roasting Asparagus & Sweet Potatoes

In the interest of frugality, I’ve got to use the veggies that I’ve in my house—before they spoil! Among them included a bag of locally-grown sweet potatoes and locally-grown asparagus. I happen to love sweet potatoes, and have had dishes which I’ve liked with asparagus, but I needed something fast.

Using my favorite kitchen tool, my mini oven (seriously—my very favorite!), I washed/trimmed the asparagus (just the woody ends) and rolled them in some extra-virgin olive oil, added a generous amount of sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper and tossed them in the oven. I think around 425º. After seven or eight minutes, I rotated them around, then popped them back in. Once the tip of a paring knife could slide in/out easily, they were done!

As for the sweet pots, I’ve partaken of many fried strips at restaurants, but had no desire to fire up a pot of oil. So, mimicking the asparagus, I cut them into very long strips, about one inch thick perimeters, followed the same dressing idea and roasted away. Same temp, about the same time.


I now find myself wondering how many asparagus stalks and sweet potato sticks one can consume in my sitting without making oneself sick.

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