Uncategorized…oddly too close for comfort!

Hubby sent me an interesting link today…as soon as I saw the title, my eyebrows had to raise. It is  Oddly enough, it is the exact same idea I had when I first began the website “KitchenNut.” A few years ago, hubby and I met with some developers in the Twin Cities to find out the cost to have the site coded and supported. We would do the design ourselves, but lacked the knowledge to design and build ourselves. Unfortunately, we lacked the funds to hire it to be done, as well. We continued to hope that it could be a “someday project.”

Thus, imagine our surprise when a site, built in the Twin Cities, with a too-close-for-comfort name, and yet the exact same idea as ours went live. Maybe next time we won’t involve any third parties in our ideas…just in case.

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