KitchenNut…going Paleo??

I rather detest “diet trends” and such, but having a daughter that is gluten-intolerant, can’t have dairy and “shouldn’t have” eggs hasn’t left me much choice. I’ve tried developing/substituting recipes, but if you’re a frequent reader, I do *not* believe in substitutions. I believe a well-tested recipe is good and final…when you start subbing, too many things go wrong and the recipe fails. So, what’s left? I’ve come across the “paleo diet,” which is really eating grain-free (gluten-free!) and dairy-free (yay!), but lots of eggs (oh, darn!). So, I’ve been working on finding some vegan-paleo recipes, for easy search terms. However, I’m a drop in the bucket of many, many food bloggers…and tastes of passable vs. palatable are all over the board. Thus far, I’m on a roll with “Elana Amsterdam” recipes. She makes a good point, though, that basically any protein recipe works, but I’m on the hunt for some other baking recipes, too. I enjoy good fruits and veggies, but I still need a little “substance” to help make the days pass, as well. :)

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