Don’t stick a fork in it!

Into meat, that is. A common mistake, actually, is that people use forks to turn their meats, which is one of the worst things you can do. When you pierce the meat, you lose all the succulent juices, which is where all the yummy flavor is. Which, basically reverses your time brining (you are brining, right?). So, what you need is a good pair of tongs! You can pick them up anywhere, really. Just be sure the scalloped edges are gentle. I once picked up a pair of cheapies from Target that ruined my meat (they had jagged edges). Again, my rant about buying the right tool the first time. :)

I have two versions: non-stick and traditional. As with pans of the same nature, they each have their place. The non-stick work for your non-stick pans and other gentle surfaces, but the traditional are a life-saver when frying anything. Remember, the tongs are an extension of your hand in the kitchen–be sure they’re comfortable to hold and good quality.

Oxo Tongs

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