Ignore the beep!

We’ve all done it. You come home, pre-heat the oven, prep your ingredients; as soon as you hear the *BEEP* (or red light turn on), we throw our goodies in the oven to begin baking while we relax for the 18-20 minutes. When we pull out the goodies when the timer dings, our goodies are under- or over-cooked! Did you know when your oven beeps, it’s only telling you that the coil is to the temperature you want? A simple lesson in physics tells you that the entire oven box is going to take a lot longer to come to the same temperature all-around. If you have 30 minutes, give it to your oven! If you’re in a rush, wait at least 20 minutes you’ll see a world of difference! But, don’t forget–just because your oven says it’s at 350, is it really? KitchenAid Oven Thermometer

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