Leftovers galore!

Be sure to store those leftovers properly so you can continue to enjoy the meal for days to come! All food should be stored in air-tight containers. If freezing, wrap twice in plastic wrap, then twice again in foil to help protect from freezer-burn.

  1. Mashed potatoes can be frozen with great success. Simply reheat, in the plastic baggie, in a skillet of barely-simmering water.
  2. Mashed sweet potatoes can be done with the same method. If you used sweet potatoes whole, I suggest you heat them (via pot or microwave), then mash them down, then proceed as above.
  3. Pies can be froze, at least the fruit pies. If you’ve got cream pies, eat them up first. :D Milk products don’t like to be frozen – well, at least not thawed out after being frozen. They lose their texture and become curdled.
  4. Rolls, of course, can be frozen. Wrap in edible portions, then wrap twice with plastic wrap and and twice with foil.
  5. Did you know that rice is an excellent candidate for freezing? Freeze in edible portions in freezer-safe containers and thaw in fridge for 24-hours before freezing, or microwave on low power until to temperature you desire.
  6. Turkey, of course, freezes great! The key here is to make sure that you get all oxygen out of the bags first, or else you’ll have a very tough bird!

Enjoy your leftovers! Again – and again – and again –

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