Stuck on you

The invention of paper muffin cups came as such a joy to the modern domestic person in the early 1900s. However, I think over time we have forgotten exactly why they were invented – it was in the days of cast iron pans and cast iron muffin molds. To clean these pans is a beast, so the simple muffin cup saved hours of scrubbing baked-on cake batter! However, over the years technology has improved, and consequently oven ware. Introduce: non-stick muffin pans. Yet, we still find ourselves using the muffin cup? Of course, I’m all for it! I don’t like to clean a pan any more than the next person! But, I do like my food!

To me, there is nothing worse than good food going to waste, which is what seems to happen when you peel a beautiful cupcake out of the paper liner. Argh! That gorgeous brown crust is now stuck-fast to the paper. Now, there may be some of you who enjoy gnawing that stuck-on crust off the paper (hopefully, in the privacy of your own home–only). :) However, if you prefer to be a more delicate eater and find a easier way to pry that out of the muffin cup (short of a crowbar), go back to basics: non-stick spray. Really. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? For some reason, we have been duped into believing that the muffin cup does it all! It holds our beautiful cakes and breakfast delights, saves us from pan clean-up, and no preparation needed! Well, they taught us wrong. A simple one or two second spritz of your favorite non-stick oil spray into each cup will give you every last yummy bite of that hand-crafted goodie! So, add five seconds to your prep-time countdown and spray a little for the best treats ever!

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