Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Making hand-crafted food isn’t only good for your body, kharma and well-being, it’s also so much better for Mother Earth! So often I see disposable and or non-recycle-friendly cartons in the grocery store; I feel so sad to see or resources being used and abused in that way. Unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable to not buy these products. To balance out my own conscience in that case, I try really hard to recycle everything possible.

Along with this is all the disposable plastic and paper sacks that stores put our food and other merchandise into (and consequently, a majority of the public throws “away” instead of recycling). Well, it’s time to do our part, KitchenNuts!  Baggu Reuseable Shopping Bags They are great for so many things, but mostly to cram all your fresh ingredients to make your own homemade goodies! :D

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