Do I need a mini food-processor?

Part of being a KitchenNut is the thought that one must simply own each and every gadget – or find ways to convince yourself that you don’t need it. As my obsession [making smaller batches] within my obsession [baking] continues to grow, so does my brain thinking I need more mini-stuff. However, the whole point of smaller batch cooking and baking is to not waste so much food – and not so much money, of course.

My very favorite lemon pound-cake recipe involves the use of a food processor. You mix the eggs and milk in the food processor, and with the blade spinning, add the melted butter in a slow, steady stream so it can emulsify. That works great for a full-batch in my beautiful 12-cup food processor. However, when I try to make a smaller batch of the recipe, it won’t work because of the spacing of the blade and size of the bowl. So, I have literally spent months trying to figure out how I could possibly escape the need for yet another food processor (smaller one, of course), when I have so many great tools (and, er, an empty bank account) with which to work. Finally, it hit me!!

When hubby and I got married, I was still making my three rotational dishes (umm, please keep in mind I didn’t use any spices, salt nor pepper. I know, ugh. Anyhow, so I really didn’t even know how to use a pan, pot, etc. So, when I received the lovely Braun Multi-Quick, I really didn’t know what to do with it. Therefore, it stayed safely stored away until it could shine in all its glory as a favorite tool for the KitchenNut.

It has its own mini food-processor attachment, which works perfectly! for small-batch pie crusts, chopping nuts, making vinaigrettes, etc. I mean, it’s awesome!! But, there is no “drizzle hole” in which I can drizzle my melted butter for my pound cake. So, soon after convincing myself that I needed a mini food processor that came with a drizzle spout and then noticing the overdraft balance on my checking account, I came to a brilliant conclusion! When using the Multi-Quick as the inverted blender (as shown), I could simply puree my milk/egg mixture in the included beaker, then drizzle the butter into the beaker, as well! Success!!

So, other than pound cake, here are a few of my favorite uses for this lovely tool (and actually costs less than a mini FP–with many more options!), with all the fantastic attachments:

  • Vinaigrette
  • Pound Cake
  • Puree Soups (in pot)
  • Puree marinara (no more chunks of vegetables that your kids pick-out!)
  • Chopping onions
  • Chopping Nuts
  • Making dips
  • Pie dough (small batches)
  • Mincing herbs
  • Mincing shallots
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