Could you survive without your stove?

Because I can’t! A week ago my stove tops burnt out (new one won’t arrive until end of week). The truth to the irony is that only the night before my hubby was working on a project that involved hand-lettering (the original form of typography, now done on a computer). He commented that he never could have done it “back then,” I thought for a moment and disagreed that of course you could, if it was the only thing you knew, and you still loved it! Was that someone’s funny way of seeing how much I really like to cook??

The oven works, still, and I have my trusty toaster oven for my smaller items, nonetheless. Apparently, I didn’t give enough thanks for my stove while I had it, though. Sure, I’ve complained and grunted about having an electric stove, but oh, how I miss it! If it weren’t -14º F outside (umm, before windchill), I’d be happily cooking away on the grill. In the meantime, I’m discovering a rice cooker—in which I burnt rice!!—-clearly, I’m better at making things by hand; a slow cooker—of which I keep worrying about the electricity bill.

So, bottom-line, I once used a stove for nothing more than boiling water for Kraft and Jell-O, but now? Apparently it’s my life-line!

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