Well, then, what should I eat??

world_organic_ketchup.jpgMy brother made an interesting request for a post…he asked me to make a list for him of foods that are bad, and foods that he could eat. Boy, does that open a can of worms. :D I feel rather shocked, however, as I’ve always known Bro to live off of Eggos, Twinkies, Chocolate Milk and Pumpkin Pie. Oh, and TV Dinners—-Hungry Man, I think, are his favorites. So, for some expressed interest, my head was whirling!

So, sticking to the simple facts and basics. The two biggest offenders in processed foods are hydrogenated fats and corn syrup. Hydrogenated fats are chemically altered to be a near-solid form. In fact, so much near-solid, that they are one molecule from being a plastic. Yum! Corn syrup is also chemically altered, to make a syrupy consistency sweet, by altering its molecular status.

If you can avoid these main chemically-altered food-like substances, you’re well on your way to better health!Bro asked me to list foods that he could buy. Well, it really comes down to only fresh fruits and veggies. But, I assume that making the jump from Twinkies to Spinach isn’t going to be an overnight change, so I decided to think of some easier changes. Taking the most common, kid-friendly foods and listing the non-chemically altered brands. Baby steps, right?

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