Trader Joe’s Envy

I am so in love with this store. When the first one was announced to come to my state, oh, two years ago, I would drive by just to get a glimpse inside the heaven-to-come. Then, when I saw a sign for another one only a few, short miles from my home, I wept with tears of joy. And now, my oldest brother gets to share in my joy! A Trader Joe’s is heading to Nashville, Tennessee.

Now, I really don’t share this to rub y’all’s face in it if you haven’t yet been blessed with the greatest store (in my humble, OCD opinion, of course). To be fair, they don’t have all the groceries that I buy, but most of them. They’re an “ingredient” store, to me. I don’t buy ready-made stuff, so if that’s the kind of shopper you are, I’m not sure how much you’d like the store.

Anyway, I am writing this to encourage y’all to petition Trader Joe’s to come to your city, if you’ve been craving it. Not sure exactly how much influence the Bring TJ’s to Nashville petition blog had, but they’re getting a Trader Joe’s now! So, whip out your blogspot peition skills and see how soon you can get one. :D

I have to admit, I am terribly jealous of the size of the Nashville TJ’s. I wonder if I can start a petition for an increase in size…

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