Excellent? Me?? Really???

Thanks to Kate from the clean plate club for the Excellent Blog award!!

I read a lot of cooking & baking blogs…I mean, a lot! I’m not a really big commenter, though. I need to be better, though, because as a blogger, I know how excited we can get when there is confirmed knowledge that people do, in fact, read our blogs! the clean plate club is among my favorites, for which I wait anxiously for kate’s next post. I love them! I love reading about life and cooking; I’m not really into celebrity cooking blogs—-they get paid to do it all. It’s about the people who try hard everyday to come up with the best food for their families.

With that in mind, can I give this award to every blog I read?? Seriously. There are lots. But, to be fair to the blogging world, and to keep the torch going, I’ll pick a few that I truly do lay in eagerness waiting for their next post. In alphabetical order:

Bakin’n’Bacon : Really, can there be a better name for a blog?? Darcie’s hip, get-with-it style is fantastic. Partially it makes you want to hide for not being as bold and daring as she is with her “step-it-up!” demands in the kitchen, yet, you want to keep reading. Even with the tongue lashing of how much better we can be, she really does believe it. And it makes you want to run to the kitchen and follow her recipes—because they have to be good with all the research she has done!

Cookie Chick : not only is her site gorgeous (she’s a graphic designer, as my hubby), but her writing style is familiar and inviting. I learn so many things of alternate ways to use products, or fabulous new recipes. Reading her blog is like having a good food chat with a best friend. Very engaging! I love following along with her life and her discoveries of new food experiences.

Keep it Rowdy : Though not a strictly cooking blog, my cousin offers the best laugh-out-loud experiences about being a young, hip mom with some great cooking experiences. She offers the best down-to-earth laugh-out-loud experiences I can find on a blog. Her cooking experiences are awesome–any attempts from a mom to get food on the table is fantastic in my book!

Porter House : How Becca has time to pull off all her cooking excursions with her children is far beyond me. Yet, it gives me hope…that perhaps I can keep it up when kiddleos do join hubby and I. Becca offers a very sweet, down-to-earth cooking style, with some excellent photos. I love her basic, home-cooking styles. I simply want to un-earth my grass and plant a garden so I can make food as lovely as hers!

Many thanks to y’all, and all the others on my blog roll, for all the inspiration that y’all provide!!

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