Gardening thyme!

Well, in my frozen world, I can’t even think about planing my little garden until towards the end of May. We sometimes still have frozen nights, so no reason to bother planting now. Also, because of space, I am only able to plant herbs—but, four large pots of them! Nothing compares to throwing open my door and plotting outside to snip off fresh chives for potatoes, thyme for my chicken and steaks, or basil and oregano for my tomato sauce. Even the blackest of thumbs can get a little garden going.

I thought that growing herbs would be horrendous, as I usually kill of all my indoor plants (but, now I can blame my water!), so why would my garden be any different? I called a wonderful garden-lady in my church who was very kind and took me to the nursery to pick out my plants, then on to pick out some large plant containers and potting soil. We returned home and placed the herbs in the containers, watered them, and voila! I grew herbs! Really, it was that simple. If you don’t get a lot of rain, you do need to water them frequently, but that was it. I’m still shocked how easy it was. And, that I managed not to kill them all.

If you are not able to grow fresh herbs outdoors, have you considered trying them indoors, with an AeroGarden? I’ve not personally tried one, but if I weren’t able to grow mine outdoors, it would definitely be at the top of my list. In the meantime, however, if funds are holding you back, I’ve listed the basics of using dried herbs. They make such a difference!

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