Playing with food (in a good way)

Since I’m on this attempt to cut-back on sugar in our house, I find myself having an excess sitting around. Of course, this gives me reasons to find lots of reasons to find other, fun things to do with sugar. One can only imagine! 

I have already made a full-switch to all-natural, non-toxic cleaners in my house (mostly white vinegar)–which works great! I use a mix of vinegar and water, then add some peppermint oil for odor-control. Anyhow, so I did some research on some fun ways to use sugar, and I found one I love: a homemade body scrub, compliments of Of course, I was immediately drawn to the site by its name–but, it is a rocking site!

I mixed about 1 cup of granulated sugar and 1/2 cup hazelnut oil (uh, no particular reason, other than that’s what is on the verge of going rancid in my house)–though, I will do olive oil next time, as I know it has good skin-karma. I added a few drops of peppermint oil, and voila! I had an awesome body scrub. Ironically, I had just been to Aveda recently to have a pedicure (a nice little gift to myself), where they had used some [very-expensive] all-natural sugar scrub–a $38.00 jar. This homemade scrub—identical (well, at least in what it accomplishes).

So, for a cheapie way to enjoy a home spa (well, at least a bodyscrub), find some extra fixin’s in your house! 

Other ways to play with your food:

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Enjoy! Sharing Optional.™

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