My hubby made me dinner!

Isn’t he sweet? I have been terribly absorbed with KitchenNut (forthcoming announcements!!), so I hadn’t noticed that the time for dinner had come and gone. Hubby decided to very sweetly make me dinner. He found some frozen chicken in the freezer, some spaghetti on the shelf, and some marinara that I previously-made and canned.

The photo is the result of the pan…it was too good of a photo to pass up. As we were eating dinner, Hubby asked me what I would have done differently (hubby didn’t enjoy his homemade dinner too much). For anyone else, here are my suggestions for a quick and easy dinner:

  1. Salt and pepper chicken (boneless/skinless thighs are more flavorful, but breasts work as well) liberally.
  2. Add oil to pan and heat on med to med-high until oil shimmers (or runs freely from one side of pan to the other)
  3. Cut chicken into sections (about 2″ x 2″)
  4. Place chicken in pan, arranging in one layer
  5. Cook chicken, without moving pieces, until well-browned (about three minutes)
  6. Remove chicken and set-aside
  7. Add about three tablespoons wine (I use de-alcoholized wine) or chicken-stock with lemon juice (you need acid to help clear off those super yummy browned on bits—just like in the photo!!), using a whisk, scrape off the bits and allow the wine to reduce.
  8. Add marinara sauce to pan, nestle chicken in pan, cooked-side up. Cook for ten minutes or so.
  9. Meanwhile, boil pasta, until just al dente.
  10. Combine and eat. 
  11. Sharing Optional!™
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