How to green-up your kitchen

I don’t have a terrible amount of waste leaving my kitchen/house (to me, my kitchen is my house), but I still find that there are more opportunities to “green-up” my kitchen! If you’ve been looking for a few options to cut-down on the waste your house has been producing, here are a few of my favorite things:

  • 3-gallon size biodegradable bags (made from a corn, a renewable resource); 300 bags that fit in small trash cans, $49.01 with free shipping: BioBag 3-gallon bags
  • 13-gallon size kitchen biodegradable bags (made from corn, a renewable resource); 60 bags that fit into your kitchen-sized trash can, $13.60 (with subscribe and save) and free shipping with Amazon Prime: Perf Go Green 13-gallon bags
  • Indoor, odor-free, compact composter (watch fascinating video here), $299.00: Nature Mill Pro Indoor Composter
  • Reusable, nylon, washable grocery bags; these are my favorites, as they are so small and fit well inside my purse, so I never forget them! I love the large handles–they are very comfy and don’t cut into my skin. Each bag holds 3-4 times more than a traditional plastic bag (=less to carry!) If any liquids leech into them, simply toss in washing machine, $38 for 6 tote bags (free shipping): Baggu Eco-Friendly Bags
  • Reusable, washable produce (or bulk foods) bags; again, I love them! No more plastic bags (that you can never figure out which end to open, anyway!) that are the same weight, so they won’t tip the scales; $10.50 for set of three (lots of colors and sizes to choose from) with $2 shipping ($.50 for each additional purchase): kootsac eco-friendly produce/bulk foods bags

These are very small steps that can be taken to help keep more junk hitting our landfills! So, what are you waiting for? Go green-up your kitchen and house!

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