Ugh–I’ve eaten too much chocolate!

I don’t think I could ever have uttered all those words in my entire life. In the past few weeks I have sampled more chocolate than I care to admit to. I have tasted, melted, dipped, tasted more, waited a few days, tasted again…and then again, to just be sure!

Of course, it was all in good reason, for those of the soon-to-be goodies (yummmmmmmmmy!) Of course, I am very proud to say that I have chosen the utmost perfect chocolate to ever be paired with my oh-so-perfect macaroons. I feel that I can claim perfection since, just like the chocolate, I tested so many different batches of the coconut macaroons…way more than the chocolate. After all, when I am putting my stamp of approval on it, I have to make sure it is the absolute best. Obsessively-so, of course (since I know no other way).

You know the crazy part? Even after eating so many, I’m dazzled by them…I guess that means I’m obsessively happy with the final result. Good thing, too! Because I’ll be ready to ship in only two weeks. Hooray!!

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