This year I resolve to ________ in my kitchen!

With the new year comes new resolutions, and in the spirit of recycling, I’ve decided to recycle some resolutions from last year, too–maybe I’ll actually do them this time! My list seems to be growing in my head of what I want to do, but I think they each deserve their own post, with progress checks. I’ve listed below those that will be coming soon.

What resolutions do you have? Any advice to share with me on mine?? Please do!

  1. Set-up a cooking pattern. (See, the thing is—I love to cook. A little too much, in fact. My hubby has started asking when we can have “meal xx” again, and I’m usually saying, “Are you nuts? I’ll die before I can ever get through my list of recipes TO TRY! So, this way, we can make a list of the all-time favorites, and make sure they don’t drop away forever).
  2. Five days a week, go by the cooking pattern; try two new recipes/week. (I figure I can reduce some stress about getting to the grocery store to get the new, random ingredients I need. Plus, I eliminate the problem of resolution number one).
  3. Clean out the cookbook shelf! (I’ve always thought people were nuts who have 100+ cookbooks sitting around. Oops–I’m almost there!)
  4. Use MacGourmet Deluxe with all its super powers! (I’m loving this program, and I have so much use for it, once you understand all the cool tools—ironically, just like using a Mac Computer. I intend to combine it with goal #3)
  5. Key-in “must-try recipes” to MacGourmet Deluxe. (Okay, this is kind of a cheater’s resolution, since it combines 3 & 4, but it’s such a HUGE one, it does deserve its own number! I plan to key in the well-loved recipes from books that I don’t want to keep, just for those recipes. What a waste of space! Besides, whenever someone asks for a copy of a recipe of something I’ve made—now I can email it [how cool is that!] from the program, instead of having to type it in for each requester).
  6. Clean out my pantry—for the billionth time. (Seriously. I’ve lost track how  many times I’ve done this. I keep trying new things; hopefully, this time I’ll succeed. Suggestions, please??)
  7. Organize my spices. (Okay, this is a cheater one, since I already did it—but the outcome is SO awesome, I have to make a reminder to myself to post about it!)
  8. Figure out why I have so many baking pans, and if I really want them all. (The “before photos” will frighten you. They frighten me, and I purchased them all!)
  9. More to come, I’m sure. For a KitchenNut, the work in the kitchen is never really done!
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