If I had a million dollars…

I’d buy the world’s greatest kitchen with all my favorite goodies. And in that kitchen, I’d finally have my long-time coveted MagiMix Food Processor. I’ve been collecting gift cards for several months (received as gifts) from Williams-Sonoma in hopes that someday I’ll have enough to “buy” it. Oh, if only all dreams could come true…but, with the $50 give-away from Kate at the clean plate club, I just might have a chance!

I don’t really remember what started my obsession with this coveted food processor…but, it’s here and here to stay. :) So, I will keep dreaming and drooling—for a very long-time, I’m sure. I’m still trying to explain to hubby why I have two KitchenAid mixers (makes PERFECT sense to me—-I have a perfect Artisan, but I wanted to make more breads, so I got the upgraded, larger mixer. But, why would I get rid of a perfectly working Artisan??). Really, let’s all remember the name of this blog is KitchenNut for a very, very good reason. :)

It really is a dream-come-true food processor for me. It has three–count them—three bowls! It auto-adjusts itself for the best speed—better than I could do, since my only choices are “on” or “pulse.” Of course, who can argue with the ten-year warranty? That’s certainly better than anything else I could buy for my kitchen. Of course, I could always sell the Artisan and buy this. Nah. I’ll keep saving my gift cards and cross my fingers for the give-away

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out Kate’s blog, do. I love her comments about life and how it manages to get in the way of cooking. :) And if you love to bake, definitely join the Cookie Carnival! Good times. :)

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