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Perfect Baking 101 (Lesson One): Oven Thermometer


After you go through the effort of pain-stakingly making your cookies and cakes from scratch (from a box is okay, too), to have the goodie fail in the oven is just more than most beginner bakers can bear. It really can be terribly discouraging. The incorrect oven temperature is the leading cause of:

  • burnt cookies
  • fallen cakes
  • undercooked breads
  • overcooked buns
  • half-burnt/half-raw pizza
  • uneven biscuits

If you want to improve your baking 200%, even with “break-n-bake” cookies, invest $7 in a tool that will save ample headaches and self-esteem! The simple task of knowing that your oven is the appropriate temperature allows you to turn out those perfect-picture treats you’ve spent the afternoon making!

MIU $6.99 Oven Thermometer <–clickety


Oven Thermometer

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