Does size really matter?

You’re making your grandmother’s famous chocolate cake and the recipe calls for 2 – 9″ cake pans. You only have 8″ round cake pans—so, the cake will be a little smaller, does it really matter? Yes! In baking, all things matter! It’s more than just that inch, it’s the volume. A 9″ cake pan has a volume of capacity of 63.585″ and an 8″ cake pan only has a volume capacity of 50.24″. Those extra 13 square inches cause a lot of problems in the oven. So, if you must make grandmother’s famous chocolate cake in your 8″ pans–plan ahead! Make a few cupcakes with that extra batter (after all, you need to taste it before you serve it!) so that the results are just what you’ve been hoping for!

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