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I have to laugh during the ice storms of Minnesota because I have found one reason to cherish them: extra refrigerator space! Thanks to my non-heated garage, which remains at 36º during the winter, I am able to plop additional groceries on the shelves until I manage to find more space in my refrigerator. When I need additional freezer space, I simply open the back door, and plop the goods down on the porch. Yet, who would have expected I would find the complete opposite to be true? As I headed to Central America, I found the need to melt some butter for a new-found flour tortilla recipe. However, finding the electricity to be temporarily out, one must go on! So, out to the 104º weather on the back porch with my stick of butter in a rubbermaid. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, I had a nice stick of melted butter and was on my way to making some amazing flour tortillas! See? Nothing can stop a true kitchen nut!

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