Midnight munchies

Mmm. Nothing like a midnight munchie of chocolate chip cookies—nice and warm, right from the oven! However, hovering around the kitchen at Midnight is just plain nutty–kitchennutty, that is! So, how do we solve this problem of munchie attacks, when you just don’t want to bake? Thank goodness for the modern freezer! Next time you make your favorite stand-by cookie recipe, double the batch and continue to drop them onto the cookie sheet, as normal–but, instead of throwing them in the oven, freeze them! After they’ve frozen to a nice, hard state, remove them from your cookie sheet, drop them in a freezer-safe baggie for that next craving. To bake, preheat the oven to the recipe’s regular temperature, but bake about five minutes longer.

Voila! Cookies to go at a midnight munchie moment!

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