Will I really get worms?? [can I eat raw cookie dough?]

Memories of tip-toeing through the kitchen to snag a pinch of freshly-made cookie dough before Mom caught you – I’m pretty sure we all have that memory! If your Mom went to the same school as mine, the condemnation was usually: “You can’t eat cookie dough! You’ll get worms!!” I used to wonder how bad the worms would be – wondering this, of course, while munching on the dough. As years went by, I realized that my mother believed I would get worms from the raw eggs within the dough. So, Moms–this one’s for you!

Pasteurized eggs! They look like your average egg, in the shell, but they have been ever-so-briefly brought to salmonella-killing temperatures, then immediately cooled down to appear as all other grocery store eggs–really! You can’t tell them apart. When I first discovered the existence of these, I ran to my nearest store asking if they stocked these. The cashier cocked his eyebrow and suggested that all eggs were pasteurized. With my tail between my legs, I left completely embarrassed thinking I must have gotten my information wrong. Nope. They really do exist, and that stock boy needs some egg lessons! The only ones in the Midwest I have found are made by Crystal Farms, though you may be lucky enough to have some other brand options in your midst.

So, what do you do with these newfound eggs? Eat cookie dough, of course! Ooh–and homemade vanilla ice cream – and mousse – and custard! Go ahead. Make up for those years of fear of worms.

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