I have too many recipes!

Recently, while at Cook’s of Crocus Hill, I heard a student of the cooking school mention probably one of the best recipe organization tips I’ve ever heard!! Sorry, I didn’t catch her name to give her credit for this tip. But, if you find yourself snipping so many recipe ideas out of magazines, or printing so many off websites, she and her girlfriend had come up with a handy method! Simply set a time-rule! In her case, if she had not used the recipe within thirty days, it gets trashed!

To be honest, the idea of throwing out a perfectly good recipe (one that caused you to buy the magazine in the first place) is truly nauseating! But, ahem, after spending more than a week trying to get my kitchen back in order (by the way, the floor is AWESOME), I have decided I really need to re-think my collection of “I must try this!” recipe piles. :) Granted, just because I have the idea to do something doesn’t mean I’ll pull through. I think the greatest point of the idea is to get ourselves in the kitchen and try something new! At worst case scenario, it fails—but, you still walk away with new knowledge and a free space on your shelf for another recipe to try. Happy snipping and cooking! :)

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