Please don’t diet! Just enjoy!

Adkins diet – low-carb or no carb – whole grains – trans fats – will it ever end? It seems, rather unfortunately, that the “world” has turned eating into a necessary evil. How tragic! Eating is a celebration of memories and family! It shouldn’t be a second thought as you’re rushing out the door to work. It should be an enjoyable activity that you crave and savor! My whole life my mother taught me that if you eat healthily, you’ll never have to worry. I’ve always thought about that.

Personally, I am all about the goodies in life! :) I believe in and fully support indulgences. I believe if you crave something, give in! In little amounts, though. If you want a cookie. Eat A cookie—not TEN cookies. :) But, savor the cookie. Cherish it. Think about the butter flavor and try and decipher the ingredients that make it so yummy. Entirely too much of the general public has turned their lives to multi-tasking, including food. Dinnertime shouldn’t include a drive-through and one hand on the wheel, a cell phone under the chin and a biggie beverage in the hand, chasing down the french fries.

Going back to cravings – for me, one rule I have set up for myself: if I want it, I have to make it. Ironic how a craving of cookies will go away at midnight (er, sometimes) if I have to make them. See, I don’t stock snacks in my house. They’re naughty! :) Nothing but trans fats and emotional calories. And more often than not, snacking seems to be an aversion – a way to avoid doing work or something else you’re not in the mood for. Imagine how much obesity in the U.S. would decline if we re-introduced the idea of home-cooking: If you want it, make it! :) Fast food companies would go out of business in a heart-beat – not to mention all those “fad diet” pill companies.

Back to my original point, however – eating is a pleasure!! Please don’t multi-task food – it’s just a sin! :) Happy eating!

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