Pressure Cooking on an Electric Stove


…not much luck, so far. Yet, failure has never stopped me before. In fact, as my curse, it only spurs me into perfecting it, until I wander away in boredom, knowing it can’t get better than perfect. My hubby won an gift card (and sweetly gave to me!) so I could clear out some junk on my wish list, including a dual set of Pressure Cookers. Oh, how I have been wanting these for so long! The mere idea of making mashed pots in 8 minutes is fantastic—and not from flakes, I might add! However, I first set about to make beans for my hubby. I am a slave to learning about the art of Honduran food, which seems to be non-existent in terms of cookbook-ery (don’t you just love my made-up words)?

What I have learned so far is that I have to just about disregard the rules and times given in recipes, as they are geared for gas stoves (oh, how I envy you owners of gas!), because gas stoves have such a phenomenal and quick temperature change. The electric stove has difficult doing such, because it heats by coil, not by fire. My first round at beans came out over-cooked. The flavor was great, but the texture had become a tad too mushy. So, though my first try failed, here is what I have learned so far:

• Heat cooker on a burner on “High,” while simultaneously heating a second burner on medium, for a quick shift when it is time to adjust heat
• Reduce the cooking time by about 5%, as electric takes longer to heat up, it is cooking all the while, as well

I have massive stacks of recipes that I want to try, which just means lots of opportunities to fail and obsess. I’ll be back and post my new-found learnings! In the meantime, if you’ve got some tips to share, by all means, do! :)

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