How to fix runny sour cream or yogurt ::

Don’t you hate the exceess liquid sitting in the middle of your sour cream (or yogurt container), after you’ve scooped out some? I never know if I should stir that separated liquid back into the yogurt or sour cream, or pour it off. I must admit, I’m guilty of both. However, I’ve recently come across the most fascinating trick–that absolutely works! After scooping out the portion of the yogurt (or sour cream), use the back of your spoon and smooth out the top, all nice and flat. And the next time you open the container…ta da!! No separated liquids with which to fight! I have no scientific explanation for this, but I can only tell you—if you smooth out the top (so there are no “spoon trails” down the middle), you won’t have any separation!

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Happy Baking!

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